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Original Caption: Two F/A-18C Hornets assigned to the USS America  fly in trail formation.  The single-seat version of the Hornet is flown by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Marine Corps.  The F/A-18s primary function is to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft under all-weather conditions and attack and destroy surface targets.  The Hornet gives the Marine Corps an all-weather fighter and attack aircraft that can perform a multitude of missions uniquely suited to the Marine Corps maneuver combat style.  Operating from either land-based airfields, expeditionary airfields or from carrier decks, the combat proven Hornet give the Marines the flexibility and firepower to accomplish the central task of every Marine aviator -- support of the Marine Rifleman.  The single seat versions of the Hornet currently being flown are the "A" model and the "C" model.  Only the "C" model is carrier qualified.  McDonnell Douglas is the prime contractor.  The Hornet is a two-engine aircraft (GE F404-GE-400 afterburning, low bypass turbofan engines), 56 feet long, 37.5 feet wing span and a cruise speed in the high subsonic to supersonic range (600 miles per hour  ).  Armament includes air to air missiles (AIM-7, AIM-9 and AIM-120) and air to ground missiles and bombs; plus a 20mm cannon.
Original Caption: England: Photo shows four P-51s of the 375th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, over England.  Undated.
Original Caption: The Corsair II is a light attack plane.  Its primary function  is to provide air support of front-line troops and tactical zone bombing.  It is an extremely accurate bombing platform.  Much of the avionics developed for the A-7 has become standard equipment on more modern fighters; a digital computer that increases weapons delivery accuracy, a head up display (HUD)  which presents continuous cues for  bombing and navigation directly in front of the pilots eyes, enabling him to concentrate on his mission without reference to cockpit instruments and an onboard computer direct map navigation system with that cover a million square miles.  The A-7 can carry a wide assortment of ordnance, primarily bombs, in addition to its onboard 20mm cannon.  The A-7 first flew combat in the skies over Viet Nam and has since participated in practically every conflict since then with its final missions being flown over Iraq during DESERT STORM.

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